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Who We Are

British Independent Civilian Army is a non-armed independent Army based in Scotland to undertake its own operations, it has nothing to do with the British Armed Forces.

We wear a uniform which is given to all volunteers free of charge and all training is provided after the application process. Volunteers can choose where they wish to operate and they will receive a text, call or email with tasks that we wish for them to commit to within the areas of choice.

British Independent Civilian Army is dedicated to its work and its volunteers will do what ever they can to help and support anyone in need. Volunteers are trained to deal with what they will be dealing with when training is complete and will allow them to work in public.

We have our own ranks from Cadet to Major all cadets will remain as Cadet until their Basic Training Certificate has been issued, they will then receive the rank of Officer Rank 1 if they have enough experience from training if Cadets need to be sent back for further training then it shall be done until they reach the rank of Officer Rank 1. Officer Rank 1 shall last for 2 years and when the 2 years have been served all individuals shall be issued with the rank of Officer Rank 2. Once Officer Rank 2 have completed their 2 years then they may be trained to become a commander, Commanders commands volunteers and acts on behalf of the Major. Commanders are given radios to relay information and take orders from the Major in which they will command their team on operations.