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Volunteers Required

We are looking for volunteers who is willing to use their time to help the British Independent Civilian Army with their operations all over the UK. This will involve Missing Person Searches and much more within your area(s) of choice. To volunteer with us please read through our website and if it suits you then please apply you can do this by downloading the Application Form on the Volunteer page or simply email us and we will take your information and get back to you with our decision.


As we are independent and voluntary we do not have access to funding with UK Government and British Army we rely on funding from other resources this will include members of the public and businesses within the United Kingdom to offer donations to us. The Donations are used for minibuses that carry our cadets and volunteers all over the United Kingdom as of when we are committed to operations this can be Search and Rescue which requires a lot of equipment and also volunteers. We also can not operate without basic and advanced equipment that allows us to conduct our operations and without the proper equipment it could be putting lives at risk including our own. Many volunteers will wear a uniform however, they are not cheap to purchase for our serving volunteers as we purchase and supply the uniforms to our volunteers so they do not have to purchase their own. Funding can also be used to purchase and hand out supplies for homeless all over the United Kingdom this will get basic supplies they need such as Health care products for day-to-day living, tents, sleeping bags, food, hot drinks during cold months, cold drinks during the hot months we can not provide temporary or permanent housing for everyone but we will eventually get there. We aim to use the funding to issue temporary accommodation for as many homeless persons as we can within the United Kingdom and get them benefits which they are entitled to this will then possibly lead to bank accounts, employment and other general requirements that will help get them off of the streets. Should they require any Alcohol or Drug counselling this can also help them out and get their life back on track. We can not do all this without your help.

Veteran Support

For all the veterans who served our country British Independent Civilian Army supports our veterans for what they have done for their country. Veterans have lives too and lately in the news with our veterans being prosecuted for events that happened 40 years ago this is not what our veterans fought for our country for to be put on trial and prosecuted 40 years later. There are veterans suffering from PTSD and other medical issues some even taking their own lives because they can not take any more. This all has to stop and the UK Government needs to also do their part and help them they have more resources than us we are only volunteers at the end of the day they are the Government its them that makes the laws and regulations and that can offer the best possible support to our veterans but its now left to individuals and organizations that is taking the role that the Government should be doing. If any veterans require support from us we are here for them. We will get them as much support as we can. If you are a veteran or you know a veteran who requires support please do not hesitate to get in contact with us


Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 British Independent Civilian Army will remain on standby as to Operation Standby being set up in order to act if needs be such as Medical Support to anyone who we come across as we do not respond to 999 calls but will do anything in our powers to assist where we can to take the stress off of Police and Ambulance crews which will then put stress on NHS staff which is already happening. We suggest you try to stay at home and only go out if its for a very good reason it only takes a cough or a sneeze to spread the disease so please think of others including the elderly and vulnerable. Police now have the powers to issue fines and disperse crowds. Think of the NHS staff, Police and Ambulance crews that has to deal with stupidity of people not taking the advice. If you need to provide care to someone who can not do certain tasks for themselves then that will be fine but at the same time keep your distance or wear a mask/gloves. Stay at Home, Keep Yourself Safe, Keep Others Safe.