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Q & A

Do I Need to Have Served In The UK Armed Forces to Apply?

No, anyone can volunteer as long as you are aged 16+ and reside in the United Kingdom and you do not need to have served in the UK armed forces..

Do I Need My Own Transport?

Having your own transport is not a requirement as we dispatch you to the area(s) you wish to cover. You can use public transport if you wish, however, we do not cover costs.

I Have Minor Health Issues Can I Still Apply?

Depending on what the health issue is we may allow minor health issues if it does not affect your ability to operate when you are required.

I Have Serious Health Issues Can I Still Apply?

Depending on what the health issue is we may not allow serious health issues and may need to seek advice from your GP before applying.

Can I Pick My Own Hours?

Yes, although you may be dispatched within the area(s) you have chosen but within our operating hours of 0800 - 2200, get in touch with us to arrange your own hours.

Do I Get A Uniform?

Yes, however, cadets remain without a uniform until they reach the next rank then we will supply you with a uniform. We do not supply boots.

Do I Get Equipment?

Only trained volunteers shall be permitted to use certain equipment.

I Am Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Can I Still Apply?

Yes, no matter what you describe your sexual orientation everyone is welcome.

How Long Does Training Last For?

Everyone learns differently so there is no set time for the training of our volunteers. You will only be given two chances to pass training if you do not pass we may ask you to leave, we may however decide to continue with your training.