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Although we are not part of the British Army we hold the same rank system which all of our ranks are listed.

Cadet - All cadets/trainees will keep the rank of Cadet or Trainee until they pass training and their Basic Training Certificate issued. Persons aged 16 - 17 Shall be ranked as Cadet. Persons aged 18 and over shall be ranked as Trainee.

Officer Rank 1 - All newly certified Cadets/Trainees will receive the rank of Officer Rank 1 if they have enough experience from training if not their rank may not change until further training has been undertaken. This rank will last for 1 year.

Officer Rank 2 - Once the 1 year of having Officer Rank 1 then they may be issued Officer Rank 2. This rank will last for 2 years.

Commander - Once the 2 years of having Officer Rank 2 then they may be given Commander training in which they will command both Cadets and Volunteers if the Major is not available. Commanders however act under the orders of the Major.

Major - The Major is the top rank and is in charge of everything from dealing with applications to operations, funding, purchasing uniforms and equipment and other duties in order to run British Independent Civilian Army. When the Major is not available the Major will rely on the Commanders to take charge until the Major becomes available.