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What We Do

British Independent Civilian Army undertakes non-armed operations within the UK which includes:-

  • Search and Rescue (Air, Land and Water)
  • Evacuations
  • Disaster Response
  • Special Reconnaissance
  • Missing Persons Search
  • Medical Response
  • Assisting Law Enforcement
  • Assisting Members of Public
  • Assisting Intelligence Services
  • Supporting the Homeless
  • Supporting Victims of Crime
  • Supporting Mental Health
  • Supporting the Elderly and Vulnerable
  • Supporting Veterans
  • Community Projects
  • Only the most experienced shall be tasked to undertake special operations cadets are not permitted to undertake operations until they complete their training and gain the rank of Officer Rank 1.

    British Independent Civilian Army is dedicated to its work and its volunteers will do what ever they can to help and support anyone in need. Volunteers are trained to deal with what they will be dealing with when training is complete and will allow them to work in public.